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Rio 2016 Summary

These days marked one year on from the Olympic Games Rio 2016, what was extraordinary in so many ways. Watched by half the world’s population and with a staggering 7 billion video views of official content on social media platforms – Rio 2016 delivered many inspiring athletic achievements and proved once again the tremendous unifying power of sport.

The Games produced significant historic sporting moments which should be remembered and celebrated – therefore the IWF made the attached infographics1, infographics2, infographics3 and infographics4 of the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

The IOC put in addition to an exceptional effort to significant cost savings and additional financial undertakings by all the Olympic stakeholders that amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars to make these historic Olympic Games possible. The Rio 2016 took place against a background of unprecedented economic, social and political challenges; however the people of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil have delivered marvelous Olympic Games and are working to maximize the legacy of 2016.

Perhaps the greatest legacy of the Olympic Games, not just in Rio de Janeiro, but of all editions of the Olympic Games, is their unifying power. In these uncertain times, the Games are the only truly global event where the whole world comes together, and Rio was no different.

In the attached newsletter, the IOC has gathered updates on the many legacy programmes that so many people from the Olympic Movement contributed to. On the Olympic Channel, as well as on you will find a number of articles and videos highlighting many legacy stories and athletic accomplishments as well.