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ZKC Olympic Journey – legacy of the Rio 2016 equipment

Pedro Meloni, former Weightlifting Sport Manager for the Rio2016 Olympic Games and Attila Adamfi  Director General before Rio 2016 paid a visit to the ZKC factory to monitor the process of the games’ sport equipment.

The pictures above show the journey all the way from the rusty irons, quality checks, adding the coloring powder and design elements to the barbells thru many other important steps until the final stage of the equipment and shipment. The ZKC factory was committed to do the work from scratch thru step by step to the final look and security check.

After Rio 2016, the Weightlifting National Training Center inauguration took place on Nov 25th, 2016 at the CEFAN – a Navy base in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Leonardo Picciani, Sports Minister attended the ceremony and Admiral Fernando Antonio de Siqueira Ribeiro the General-commander of the Marines along with other authorities.

“It is very pleasant to see that the equipment used in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games has already been directed to legacy, with such important action” said Meloni. He added, “The CEFAN and the Brazilian Navy were outstanding partners from the beginning of the project. I am sure that the athletes will greatly benefit from this new facility”.

CEFAN is the home of more than 60 weightlifting athletes, including junior and youth athletes from grassroots programs. Many of them are also part of the Brazilian national squad. Under the guidance of Lieutenant Carlos Henrique Aveiro, Technical Director of the Training Center and project leader, the team has won more than 150 medals in national and international championships, including a Gold Medal in the Youth World Championships.

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