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MARTIROSYAN Simon (ARM) won the last competition in Tokyo


Making impressive jumps between her lifts, SUN Yongjie (CHN) had three good attempts -115kg-123kg-130kg.

She took a 19kg advantage over AYOVI CABEZAS Lisseth Betzaida (ECU) ending second.

The Thai lifter CHAIDEE Duangaksorn almost missed to register a Total since she could make her 110kg attempt a good lift in the Snatch only at her third attempt. She won the Bronze and got a 4kg advantage over 4th place KO A-Rang (KOR).

SUN and CHAIDEE came out for their first Clean and Jerk attempts so high that all athletes already finished their competition when they were just about to start.

CHAIDEE didn’t come out to take her first lift at 150kg, but she managed to lift it at her second attempt. Coming out for 153kg, the weight seemed to be too heavy. With only two good lifts she won the Silver Medal in the Total with 260kg.

SUN with her only attempt had a Total of 281kg and had no point in taking her last two lifts. She was the ultimate winner of the last Women’s competition.

AYOVI CABEZAS Lisseth Betzaida (ECU) got 3rd place with 246kg – way ahead of 4th place DALAYAN Arpine (ARM) registering 234kg.


First lift at 186kg seemed so easy for MARTIROSYAN Simon (ARM), but he couldn’t control the bar loaded at 190kg. He made it 191kg at his third attempt and made it a good lift.

2016 Youth World Champion DAVOUDI Ali (IRI) missed his last attempt in the Snatch and ended 4kg behind MARTIROSYAN.

Junior World Champion in 2016 with 379kg CHKHEIDZE Giorgi (GEO) secured himself two third places (Snatch and Clean and Jerk) and while missing twice on 221kg, his Total of 406kg resulted in a Silver.

He lost his title now attributed to Silver Medallist at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Champion in 2014 MARTIROSYAN Simon (ARM). With 426kg, an impressive 20kg more than CHKHEIDZE, the Armenian champion won all three Gold Medals at this last competition of the 2017 IWF Junior World Championships Tokyo, JPN.

The three good lifts of KAJDOSI Tamas (SRB) in the Snatch and his only successful lift in the Clean and Jerk (223kg) enabled him to take the third place in the Total with 403kg.

This concludes the last competition day here in Tokyo! See you all at the 2017 IWF World Championships Anaheim, USA in November!