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First Iranian Gold


PENG Lina’s (CHN) first attempt in the Snatch at 100kg perfectly controlled and lifted with ease just like the second and third one at 105kg and 107kg.

Taking her turn straight after the Chinese lifter, KISIL Valentyna (UKR) just added a couple of kilos each time. She missed her last one at 108kg and left the Snatch Gold to PENG.

Trying to grab the second place CIKAMATANA Eileen Floanna Maria (FIJ) missed her second and third attempts at 101kg and 103kg and ended third far behind the leading duo.

However, the Clean and Jerk gave CIKAMATANA a great chance to come up second and she even took the lead during a couple of minutes until PENG came out for her last attempt.

PENG making 3 good lifts in the Clean and Jerk once again showing her impressive technique was rewarded with all three Gold Medals available in the Women’s 90kg bodyweight category.

Ending only 1kg behind the Chinese, CIKAMATANA Eileen Floanna Maria (FIJ) stood up on the second place of the podium.

Making it to 121kg and a 5th place in the Clean and Jerk, KISIL Valentyna (UKR) managed to secure the third place in the Total with 227kg.


Quite a few people were in the game for the Snatch medal – from IRI, UZB, GEO, JPN and ARM.

It was however an easy first place secured by KHETSURIANI Dato (GEO) lifting 165kg-170kg-173kg all good lifts. BEIRALVAND Reza (IRI) and IWASAKI Takayuki (JPN) followed with 163kg for both.

2015 Youth World Champion TOUAIRI Aymen (ALG) ranked only 8th in the Snatch and had a 18kg disadvantage compared to KHETSURIANI. The Georgian missing a Clean and Jerk attempt at 195kg and another one at 201kg was absent from that medal distribution.

5th place at the 2016 Junior World Championships with 370kg, he reached a Total of 368kg here in Tokyo and got the Silver medal for that.

Third place at the 2016 IWF Junior World Championships, BEIRALVAND Reza (IRI) lifted 1kg more than KHETSURIANI and after his Silver in the Snatch, he got 2 Gold.

Coming up from a 6th place in the Snatch, GASPARYAN Samvel (ARM) made it Silver and Bronze medallist – 205kg in the Clean and Jerk and 365kg in the Total.

TOUAIRI managed to grab a Bronze medal in the Clean and Jerk.