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IWF Education Seminar in Japan

In the framework of the IWF Development Program, the IWF held an Education Seminar in Tokyo, JPN.

The seminar was tailored to the young athletes and their coaches participating at the 2017 IWF Junior World Championships. Such lectures are implemented on the occasion of all our events with the participation of athletes and teams present.

This enables the attendees to gain additional knowledge in the field of Anti-Doping, weightlifting values and teaches young lifters the importance of the relation to be established with the media representatives.

An interactive question/answer session took place after every lecture.


Dr. Kyle Pierce, IWF Coaching and Research Committee Member
Sport Ethical issues and the Olympism

Lilla Rozgonyi, IWF Communication and Marketing Director
Media training, journalist relations, social media and athletes’ profiles

Dr. Patrick Schamasch, IWF Anti-Doping Commission Chairman
Fair Play, roles and responsibilities of the athletes and entourage, Consequences of doping

Dr. Eva Nyirfa, IWF Legal Counsel
IWF Anti-Doping Rules with special regard to the changes introduced by the New IWF Anti-Doping Policy

Dr. Dominik Doerr, IWF Therapeutic Use Exemptions Committee Member
Therapeutic Use Exemptions