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European Small Nations Elections

The European small nation’s delegates met in San Marino for the quadrennial electoral congress to elect the General Secretary for weightlifting.

Jesmond Caruana, President of Malta Weightlifting Association was elected for this position for the period between 2017-2021 with the full support of all members present.
Mr. Caruana started the sport of weightlifting back in 1981; in 2002 he took the position of Treasurer of the association and held the position of General Secretary and President of Malta Weightlifting Association since 2009.
He was elected in many different positions in the world of international weightlifting such as Member of the Technical Committee of the European Weightlifting Federation, Vice President of the European Union Weightlifting Federation, Executive Board Member of the Commonwealth Weightlifting and Mediterranean Weightlifting Federation.

Congratulations to all the elected officials!