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One more Youth World Record for USA – MAURUS Harrison James!


MAURUS Harrison James (USA) started the Snatch quite high and made a first good lift at 140kg, but missed on 144kg twice. He came out last in the Clean and Jerk when all the other athletes already finished their competition. His starting weight in the Clean and Jerk was 175kg – good lift – and with a 9kg jump he went up to 184kg for the second one. He already won the Gold Medal and the Youth World Champion title with his first one but he made the second attempt a good lift too!

He came out for a third attempt at 192kg and broke the Youth World Record of LOPEZ LOPEZ Yeison (COL)!   

Silver Medallist at the Pan-American Youth and Junior events as well as at the 2016 IWF Youth World Championships, he had now the Gold for his Total of 332kg topped by a World Record.

With three good lifts in the Snatch, URVACHEV Aleksandr (RUS) went for 137kg, 140kg, 142kg.

Also three Good lifts in the Clean and Jerk, he ended 20kg behind MAURUS. 

The Kazakh lifter BEKTAY Assylzhan (KAZ) – Bronze in the Snatch only missed his last attempt in the Clean and Jerk. He won three Bronze Medals and reached a Total of 306kg.