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CUMMINGS JR Clarence (USA) broke his own Youth World Record!


EMDU Ailada (THA) won the Snatch with her second lift but still came out for 88kg to gain some advantage. Weaker in the Clean and Jerk, she only made it to 95kg and couldn’t secure a place on the podium. 4th place in the Snatch, the Belarus lifter VALODZKA Siuzanna (BLR) also missed the podium by a tiny bit as she needed only 1kg ending 4th.

After winning three Bronze Medals at the 2017 IWF Youth World Championships, Turkey crowned the first Youth World Champion here in Bangkok. LEVENT Nuray (TUR) missed 86 but still secured herself the second place in the Snatch. With three good lifts in the Clean and Jerk, she grabbed two Gold Medals.

Clean and Jerk competition was tense until the end and the last couple of lifts determined the winner between TUR, UKR, UZB.   

With a Total of 191kg, LEVENT Nuray (TUR) defeated HANHUR Mariia (UKR) winning the Silver with 186kg and FAYZULLAEVA Kumushkhon (UZB) winning the Bronze with 185kg.

Men 69kg

WEI Nianrong (CHN), SU Lian (CHN) and Youth and Junior World Champion in 2016 as well as Youth World Record holder CUMMINGS JR Clarence (USA) missed their third and last attempts in the Snatch leaving the victory to RI Kwang Song (PRK) making it 140kg.

CUMMINGS started the Clean and Jerk with a 3kg handicap while for SU it was 4kg.

Missing two of his lifts, the Chinese lifter couldn’t make it to the podium.

WEI mastered all his three Clean and Jerk attempts going 163kg, 168kg and 172kg ending Silver and Bronze in the Total.

Impressive strength and technique was displayed by CUMMINGS! He broke his own Youth World Record set in Penang 2016. The previous one was 182kg and is now 185kg.

He equaled the 322kg Youth World Record in the Total defeating all contenders in the Men’s 69kg.