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The first World Championships were held on March 28

126 years ago, on March 28th 1891, the first World Championships were held in London. By the time it was very easy to organize World Championships due to the low number of attendees (6 countries, 7 athletes). With no criteria of bodyweight, the local British Edward Lawrence Levy won and became the first World Champion.

Two month prior to the competitions, the 39 years old Levy won the – also first time organized –  British Amateur Weightlifting Championship and he set 14 world records until 1894. At the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896, he did not attend as an athlete but as a jury member.

At the first World Championships only men could qualify but from 1987 women could compete as well. Donaueschingen, GER gave place to the first combined Men and Women World Championships (64th edition for Men and 5th Women) organized by the IWF at the same time and same place in 1991.

If we compare the ones held in 1891 London where 7 athletes competed to the 2015 IWF World Championships Houston where there were 324 men from 76 countries and 261 women from 72 countries, we can easily see the evolution.

The next edition, 83rd Men World Championships and 26th Women 2017 IWF World Championships will take place in Anaheim, USA between November 28 – December 5.