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Patagonia in action

Chile and Argentina have a long common border and many time it is shorter to cross the border than reach another city within the country.

The classic example is to compare the distance between Santiago and Punta Arenas in Chile, or between Buenos Aires and Rio Gallegos in Argentina (2.500-3.000 Km), with the distance between Santiago and Buenos Aires (1.500 Km), or from Santiago to Mendoza (less than 400 Km).

In this scenario the local organizations in the south of both countries (The Patagonia), have took the lead and have begun to organized bi-national championships one time in one side, another time on the other side.

With two focal points: one between Puerto Montt, Calbuco in Chile – Bariloche, Neuquén in Argentina (Center-South); the other between Punta Arenas in Chile – Rio Gallegos, Rio Grande in Argentina (Extreme South), it is becoming to consolidate a place in the annual calendar in both countries.

As part of this activities, at the end of the last year was developed at Punta Arenas the second version of the Alexis Nahuelquén Cup with competitors of Punta Arenas (CHI), Rio Gallegos (ARG) and Rio Grande (ARG).

Early this year, on February 11th, took place in the city of Calbuco, the Open Patagonia Championships, with representatives from Valdivia (CHI), Puerto Montt (CHI), Calbuco (CHI), Escuela and Gym Umbral from Bariloche (ARG).

With only local economic support, the competition was attended by many local and regional authorities who promise his support to weightlifting, developing in an enthusiastic and friendly environment.

The Chilean National Federation is very happy with this initiative and supported the organization with part of the technical staff and offered a Course for Technical Officials, to hosts and visitors.

Also, this competition is a good approach to the National Sport Games will be developed in May, where the expectative are to see the participation of all the regions in weightlifting.