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David Rigert turned 70

Sunday was a special for David Rigert as he turned 70.

The Russian-German, born in the land of Kazahstan started his weightlifting career in 1966 following the coaching technic of Arkady Vorobyov.

In 1969, he got the chance to meet the famous athlete – who later turned to be coach – Michael Rudolf Plukfelder, who helped him achieve his very first success. After 1970, David Rigert became part of the National Team and won a Bronz Medal at the World Championships. Although he had not much of a success at the Munich 1972 Olympic Games, he started to achieve better and better results.

In 1971, in the men’s 90 kg bodyweight category he became the World Champion for the first time and in 1978 he won his 6th World Championships Gold. Between 1973 and 1976 he won all World Championships and all European Championships titles as well. He was nine times Continental Champion while his biggest achievement is an Olympic Gold at the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games.

He set his first Word Records in 1971 and many more followed – 68 exactly. After retirement he helped to build several coaching centers, he was also the coach of the Soviet then Russian Team and honorary citizen of three cities Taganrog, Grozny and Chornomorsk. In 1999 he became Member of the IWF Hall of Fame.

Happy 70th Birthday to David Rigert!