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Technical visit in Bangkok

A 2-day IWF technical visit was paid to Bangkok by Anikó Németh-Móra (Director of International Relations), Tímea Horváth (Development & Education Manager) and Mátyás Lencsér (Competition Manager). The visit had a double purpose since Bangkok is the host of two major upcoming events: both the 2017 IWF Youth World Championships, the main YOG qualification event from 3 to 10 April, and the IWF Electoral Congress, 29 to 30 May.

The Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association, under the supervision of Major General Intarat Yodbangtoey (IWF Vice President), welcomed the IWF delegation in the capital city of Thailand.

The group inspected and approved the venues, like the Indoor Stadium Huamark where the competition and training will be held, the YWC hotels (The Grand Fourwings Convention Hotel, Hotel Alexander, Hotel Town in Town) as well as the premises of the Electoral Congress in the Grand Fourwings Convention Hotel, and discussed and specified the conditions and requirements of the events concerned.

In view of the vast experience of TAWA in hosting major weightlifting events and having seen the thorough and professional preparations, the IWF delegation is certain that two well-organised events are ahead in the spring of 2017 in Bangkok.

“Given the great care, the professionalism and the warm hospitality of TAWA, under the leadership of President Madam Boossaba Yodbangtoey and IWF Vice President Maj.Gen. Intarat Yodbangtoey, we are sure that we shall witness outstanding Youth World Championships and a great Electoral Congress in Thailand’s capital”, said Anikó Németh-Móra, Director.