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2016 Jenő Boskovics Award winners for Lifter of the Year revealed

The voting for the “Jenő Boskovics Lifter of the Year” awards launched by WORLD WEIGHTLIFTING involved a historic number of ballots cast for the 2016 edition.
Nearly 38,000 votes arrived for the best male and female weightlifters!

Thank you for your great interest and participation!

In the women category, TANASAN Sopita (Thailand) became the winner with a good 1,200 votes ahead of the second best DENG Wei (China) and 2015 best HSU SHU-Ching (Chinese Taipei). A mere 55 votes decided between the latter two.

As Best Lifter in 2016 among Men was voted ROSTAMI Kianoush (Iran) who drew an overwhelming 20,000 plus votes, three times more than runner up TALAKHADZE Lasha (Georgia). In third place RAHIMOV Nijat (Kazakhstan) with significantly less votes.

Those who received votes are all heroes of the Rio Olympic Games. WORLD WEIGHTLIFTING editors and the IWF are preparing for a due presentation ceremony later during the year. Congratulations to the winners!