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Zhabotinsky the strongest Ukrainian was born 79 years ago

Leonid Ivanovych Zhabotinsky who was born on the 28 January 1938 and died on 14 January 2016, was one of the biggest characters in weightlifting. He has achieved his biggest accomplishments under the Soviet Union flag. The outstanding giant weightlifter born in Uspenka received two Olympic Gold Medals and set World Records another 19 times between 1963 and 1974.

He started his weightlifting career in 1957 at the Ukrainian Championships and after retirement he continued as a coach in Madagascar. Zhabotinsky was an idol and example for the young Arnold Schwarzenegger as well.

The 194cm tall, 163kg weightlifter was the flagbearer for the Soviet Union Team at the Mexico 1968 Olympic Games. He had outstanding results from the World Championships as well; four times World Champions, two times European Champions. As a professional recognition until today he is the greatest and strongest weightlifter in the Ukraine history.