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Trinidad and Tobago Development Program

In October 2015, the Trinidad and Tobago Weightlifting Federation working in partnership with University of Trinidad and Tobago was pleased to announce the first credited weightlifting foundation research course recognized by the International Weightlifting Federation.
The event was a huge success.

Going for gold has been sponsored by the IWF in October 2016. The outcome of the course is to give students the tools through education to set up clubs around the island. The course`s long term goal is to have representation of Trinidad and Tobago both nationally and internationally.

The lack of qualified coaches is the biggest challenge Trinidad faces regarding Olympic weightlifting development. TTOWF through education aims to implement the correct training mindset and health thru safety approach to the sport.

The support of the International Weightlifting Federation has made it possible, to reach those in need of having an expert teach them coaching skills. Trinidad and Tobago Weightlifting Federation is able to demonstrate the benefits of weightlifting and involve everyone in the community.

Source: TTOWF