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Spanish Weightlifting Federation Elections

The Spanish Weightlifting Federation Elections were held on 17th December 2016 in the City of Madrid.

Mr. Constantino Iglesias was unanimously elected as President with the eligible votes from the representatives of all Regional Federations, Clubs, Coaches, Referees and athletes in Spain.

The former President, Mr. Emilio Estarlik received recognition for his long term work the attendees. The former President fulfilled his role from 2000 until 2016.

Mr. Constantino Iglesias was a national medallist from the Salamanca University’ s Club C.D.U.S. Later on he became a coach at the University’s Club and trained university athletes who accomplish successful results at national and international events.

During his official speech Mr. Constantino Iglesias said that he has been dedicating his life to weightlifting and he will continue.

Congratulations to all the elected officials!