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German Weightlifting Federation BVDG Elections

German Weightlifting Federation BVDG shows unity

During the Electoral Congress on 10 December, the regional federations of the German Weightlifting Federation demonstrated unity as President Christian Baumgartner was re-elected unanimously for another four year term to his post.

Alexander Meinhard-Heib (Vice President Sport), Patrick Fassott (Vice President Finance and Administration) and Carsten Diemer (Youth Sport) were confirmed as members of the Managing Board beside the full-employed constitutional members Frank Mantek (Director Sport) and Jochen Stüber (Managing Director).

‘Of course doping was a dominating topic in weightlifting over the past four years. As German Weightlifting Federation we kept a clear position and demonstrated that we do not tolerate any doping offences. That was an important aspect contributing to the positive image of German Weightlifting nationally and internationally.’ said Baumgartner, who is also a member of the IWF Executive Board.

‘But we should not make the mistake to focus our attention to this topic alone. We know that our athletes aren’t on top of the world elite at the moment. But we all together will work very hard to be back at the top in 2020 or 2024. This includes also working consistently on international equality of opportunities in our sport. For this we will need full support of our National Olympic Committee and our German Government. And we will have to renovate our federation operationally,’ he added.

Terminating their longstanding voluntary work for BVDG, Harald Strier (Press Secretary), Heinz Kuhn (Masters Secretary), Arnold Chrzanowski (Referee and President of Lower Saxony Weightlifting Federation) as well as Doctor Dominik Dörr (Team Doctor) were honoured and received well-deserved applause.

Claus Umbach, BVDG President from 2000 until 2012, was elected as second Honorary President alongside Wolfgang Peter.

Congratulations to all the electied officials!

Source: BVDG