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IWF Anti-Doping Commission meeting in Budapest

A two-day meeting of the IWF Anti-Doping Commission took place on 8-9 December 2016 in Budapest, Hungary.

The Members set out the core elements of the IWF Anti-Doping Program for the upcoming year following a careful evaluation of the events of 2016.

Among several other topics, the IWF ADC discussed the composition of the 2017 list of IRTP athletes along with the Test Distribution and Anti-Doping Education Plans of next year.

Future modifications of the IWF Anti-Doping Policy were also part of the meeting agenda in order to implement IWF’s Zero Tolerance Policy against doping with the highest efficiency ever.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Patrick Schamasch in the presence of Dr. Zakia Bartagi, Dr. Michael Petrou -ADC Members – Dr.Eva Nyirfa, IWF Legal Counsel, Ms. Melody Exhenry and Ms. Ildiko Veres, Administrators.