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Rio 2016, the most perfect imperfect Games

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games were iconic in so many respects. Over the course of 16 glorious days, it witnessed new records, personal bests, great emotions and inspiring sportsmanship that only the magic of the Olympic Games can create.

“Someone called them the most perfect imperfect Games,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said. “It’s actually quite a good characterisation.” The Rio de Janeiro Olympics may not have been perfect but organisers exceeded expectations given the political and economic situation in the South American country, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on Tuesday.

Rio was awarded the Games in 2009 amid Brazil’s booming economy at the time, but the political crisis and the sharp financial downturn changed the organisers’ plans.

“From an operational point of view everything worked,” the IOC’s Olympic Games Executive Director Christophe Dubi told reporters. “Were they perfect? No. But with the results we can really take our hat off (to Rio organisers). It is amazing what they delivered”,  he said.

Dubi said the IOC was satisfied with the Rio Games especially with the  athletes’ performances including 100 world and Olympic records. Several countries won their first ever Olympic medals and the global coverage of the Games beat all past records.

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games were truly universal and inclusive. More NOCs than ever before sent athletes to the Games, while the women’s participation reached an all time high.

Source: Reuters