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1st Tournament in more than 40 years in Barbados

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of their Independence, the Barbados Weightlifting Association (BWA) joined these festivities by holding the very first single-day-Tournament in the last 40+ years.  This time the Phillips & Springer Classic, on Sunday 27 November, was revived to give the present-day lifters an opportunity to show the world their level of commitment to the sport.  The national coach and all around “commander in chief”, Mr. Andrew CALLENDER, organized this event with the help of two special guests: Dr. Kyle PIERCE (USA) who spoke the day before on strength training, while David COLÓN-ARROYO (PUR) explained the requirements to become an efficient Technical Official.  Also at hand was Category #1, Gabi MÁTHÉ (HUN), who kept the communication flowing from the Marshall’s desk to the speaker.

An eager group of about 50 lifters participated in five sessions where a full capacity at the Queen Park Steel Shed applauded every lift from start to end.  Several personal records were improved and the conclusion of this great show rendered no injuries among the participants.

The highlight of the Tournament was the presence of Mr. Austin SEALY, IOC Member.

This experience demonstrated that the BOA complied with all the technical aspects of the Rules and Regulations included in the IWF Rule Book. The platform, made of a special species of redwood, held nicely throughout the event that used ELEIKO equipment. By the way, this barbell competition set was the result of the intervention of Moira Lassen, IWF Board Member, through Mr. Richard Gonsalves who made it possible for the set to reach Barbados at a nominal cost.

Ample photographic evidence of this historical event is available at the following web site address:

Special thanks to Ms. Shelley Griffith who worked tirelessly in the administrative aspects that made possible the presence of Kyle, David and Gabi to this beautiful island in the Caribbean.