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Switzerland upgrades coaching by Seminars

One with old traditions but less-than-required presence in the weightlifting scene in our days, the Swiss Weightlifting Federation organized a two-part Seminar within the framework of the IWF Development Program. The first part of the coaching course was held in May while the second part took place during the last weekend of November.

Gabriel Prongué and John Lopez, certified coaches, spoke in front of 10 participants – among them athletes, coaches, Technical Officials and the President of the Swiss Federation. The topics covered training planning, competition approach, rules and regulations. Mrs. Ursula Lauper, nutritionist, talked about the importance of proper nutrition in an athlete’s life. The theoretical part was followed by presentations about training programs delivered by the coaches, and the Seminar concluded with practical sessions in the gym.
With such Seminars Switzerland aims to upgrade its weightlifting coaching and, ultimately, to raise the level of its weightlifters in an international context.