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South American gold medals


The Latvian lifter SUHAREVS Ritvars (LAT) was up to a promising start with 3 good lifts in the Snatch the higher being 154kg. This put him in leading position however in the Clean and Jerk he might have started too high. He missed 176kg twice and 178kg so couldn’t score a Total.

SOLIS ARBOLEDA Juan Felipe (COL) made 6 good lifts and won the 3 Silver medals of the competition only 1kg behind the Gold Medallist VALLENILLA SANCHEZ Keydomar Giovanni (VEN) who lifted a Total of 329kg.

Third in the Snatch, AVAGYAN Karen (ARM) missed twice 179kg in the Clean and Jerk. His only successful attempt at 173kg placed him 5th, but he ranked 3rd in the Total with 318kg and won the Bronze medal.

6th in the Snatch, BANG Seohyun (KOR) won the Bronze medal in the Clean and Jerk and ended just 1kg behind AVAGYAN in the Total.


3 athletes came out at 93kg for their first attempt in the Snatch and all 3 only managed to lift the weight during their second attempt.

TILER Rebekah Jade (GBR), CIKAMATANA Eileen Floanna Maria (FIJ) and TANG Jing (CHN) all went for 96kg for their third attempt but only TILER made it!

PALACIOS DAJOMES Angie Paola (ECU) started with an easy 94kg and went 97kg for her second and 101kg for her third attempt. All three lifts were executed with precision and great technique.

In the Clean and Jerk, she came out first from the 4 and went for 113kg and 117kg. He missed her third attempt at 120kg ranking 4th, but still kept her leading position and Gold Medal in the Total.

TILER came out in the Clean and Jerk to secure 115kg first and went for 118kg and 121kg all good lifts. She ended with 217kg, just 1kg behind PALACIOS.

CIKAMATANA followed on TILER with 116kg – missing it – but making 117kg for her second attempt. With an explosive 122kg she won the Gold and the Bronze in the Total with 215kg.

TANG made it silver in the Clean and Jerk and could get the third place in the Total but missed her last attempt at 124kg.