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LOPEZ LOPEZ Yeison (COL) made it again!


Unstoppable all the way to the Gold medals and the Youth World Records, LOPEZ LOPEZ Yeison (COL) was explosive! He dominated the field and had no challengers. His Total of 351kg was 30kg above Silver medallist and almost 50kg over Bronze medallist (307kg).

He kept breaking his own World Records set at the 2016 IWF Junior World Championships in Tbilisi, GEO. Twice in the Snatch (first setting it to 157kg and then to 160kg) once in the Clean and Jerk (setting it to 190kg) and once in the Total setting it from the 346kg made in Tbilisi to an impressive 351kg.

Breathtaking attempts from LOPEZ LOPEZ who even came out to give a try to a 195kg Clean and Jerk that he missed.

Pan-American Youth and Junior Silver medallist MAURUS Harrison James (USA) had also 5 good lifts just like LOPEZ LOPEZ and kept his concentration until the end lifting with precise moves and great control of the bar. He found no contender to take the 3 Silver medals from him and left the 3rd place lifter LOMANOV Yevgeniy (KAZ) far behind. LOMANOV – 4th place in the Clean and Jerk       where Bronze was awarded to AHMADNEJAD Ahmad (IRI) – ended with a Total of 307kg mainly due to his advantage gained in the Snatch.


The Gold medal was about two chinese athletes: HUANG and SU. The balanced competition showcased 6 good lifts from HUANG Shan (CHN) reaching 94kg-117kg-211kg.

SU leading by 1kg in the Snatch, missed her last attempt in the Clean and Jerk at 117kg. This left second place to the Thai lifter SONKAEW but not in the Total where she still came up Silver medallist with 210kg.

Competition for the third place was also about two athletes, 3rd place in the Snatch ESCOBAR AGUIRRE Hellen Andrea (COL) but only by 1kg and 4th place SONKAEW Rodsukon (THA).

Clean and Jerk determined the final order and SONKAEW Rodsukon (THA) won the Bronze medal managing to get that 1kg advantage back from the Colombian lifter.