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IWF on the decision of the IOC Executive Board

Following the decision of the International Olympic Committee Executive Board concerning the participation of Russian athletes in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, the IWF states that:

The IWF acknowledges that the IOC will not accept any entry of any Russian athlete in the Olympic Games Rio 2016 unless such athlete can meet the conditions they set.

The IWF acknowledges the request and criteria set by the IOC and await the evidence to be provided by the Russian athletes entered in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The IWF will evaluate the evidence provided once received.

The IWF acknowledges that ROC is not allowed to enter any athlete for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 who has ever been sanctioned for doping, even if he or she has served the sanction.

In order to establish the pool of eligible Russian athletes, the IWF contacted the IOC, WADA for further clarification on the implementation of the decision that in some points might lead to confusion.

The IWF is among those IFs where the Entry List is subject to changes following the eligibility check.

As soon the IWF receives the relevant answers, information and clarification, the IWF Executive Board will issue the final decision on the eligibility of the Russian weightlifters.