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In an intense competition, the European Champion DEKHA Iryna (UKR) defeated the Asian Champion MUNKHJANTSAN Ankhtsetseg (MGL).

8 Women competed in the W75kg A group, but it became clear very quickly that the fight for the medals will took place between 3 of them: DEKHA, MUNKHJANTSAN and LIANG.

In the Snatch, the Ukrainian lifter took only a 1kg advantage over the Mongolian lifter (116kg against 115kg) while LIANG Xiaomei (CHN) only reached 109kg. The Chinese lifter won all three Bronze Medals for her Clean and Jerk of 136kg and Total of 245kg.

DEKHA chose the strategy to follow the lifts of MUNKHJANTSAN and came out on the same weight to secure herself the victory. She let the lighter Mongolian lifter win the Gold in the Clean and Jerk with 138kg, but anyway she got the Junior World Champion title with a Total of 254kg.


The crowd and fans in Georgia were looking forward to the Men’s 105kg category. Georgian National team member CHKHEIDZE Giorgi was the absolute favorite today and he proved it during the competition.

Winning the Snatch with a 1kg advantage, CHKHEIDZE ended third in the Clean and Jerk (207kg) behind SOLOVEV Nikita (RUS) making it 210kg and DEHGHANGHAHFAROKHI Alireza (IRI) defeating him by bodyweight.

Silver medallist in the Snatch RUIZ I VELASCO Marcos (ESP) couldn’t make it to the podium and ended 4th. DEHGHANGHAHFAROKHI Alireza (IRI) third place in the Snatch missed his Clean and Jerk attempt twice at 213kg – just like CHKHEIDZE – and missed the Gold Medal only by 1kg ending with a Total of 378kg.

In the end CHKHEIDZE Giorgi (GEO) was crowned Junior World Champion in the Men’s 105kg with a Total of 379kg.

„It’s an unforgetable feeling! I am happy and proud! I want to dedicate this victory to my coaches, fans and the whole country – Georgia.”