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B group lifter on the podium


The only lifter to go above 100kg in the Snatch was RIM Un Sim (PRK). She went for 100kg, 103kg and a third successful attempt at 105kg.

The Asian Junior Champion in 2014 and Bronze medallist twice at the IWF Junior World Championships in 2014 and 2015 started the both the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk after all the other competitors took their lifts.

Snatch silver went to ELLIOTT Kiana Rose (AUS), Oceanian Champion in 2016 lifting 95kg here in Tbilisi. She was followed closely by DURAN AYON Ana Lilia (MEX) Youth World Champion in 2012.

That 1kg advantage taken by ELLIOTT was not enough to grab a medal in the Clean and Jerk but with a Total of 204kg she won the Bronze Medal. DURAN AYON Ana Lilia (MEX) ended second with 216kg.

RIM Un Sim (PRK) missing her first Clean and Jerk attempt at 130kg she managed to lift it for her second attempt. She went up to 135kg – 2kg under the Junior World Record and got the gold.


No surprise in the Snatch as the gold medal went to LIU Jiawen (CHN) lifting 165kg and securing himself an advantage of 6kg. The surprise however came with the Bronze medal as the B group lifter RIVAS MOSQUERA Jhonatan (COL) made it to the podium with 159kg.

PIZZOLATO Antonio (ITA) did great and made 3 good lifts and end Silver. Fighting in the Clean and Jerk, after a missed attempt at 193kg, he raised the bar to 195kg and 201kg. Lifting both weights he won the Gold in the Clean and Jerk and Silver in the Total with 360kg.

Chinese lifter LIU had three good lifts and ended with 200kg; a Total of 365kg and the first place of the podium!

Only 8th place in the Snatch, ELBAKH Fares Ibrahim E.H. (QAT) made one good lift in the Clean and Jerk with 196kg. This was way beyond fourth place 188kg and enough to be awarded the Bronze in the Total.