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Gold for Thailand and China


Tbilisi crowned the first Junior World Champion in the Women’s 48kg bodyweight category SUKCHAROEN Thunya (THA) whose last Youth bronze medal goes back to 2013. Competition was tough as she ended silver in the Snatch because of bodyweight. Lifting the same 86kg as the Chinese JIANG Huihua, she managed to defeat her challenger in the Clean and Jerk.

JIANG – 2015 Junior World Champion as well as 2015 World Champion – had 6 good attempts although in the Clean and Jerk she ended with 107kg. Her Total of 193kg only ranked her second as SUKCHAROEN – also 6 good lifts – made it 194g.

Three bronze medals were awarded to LONG Xiaoqun, 2010 Youth Asian Champion.


China made it to the top of the podium! A Gold and a Bronze won today in the Men’s 62kg bodyweight category. Easy win in the Snatch with 137kg MO Yongxiang (CHN) just like in the Clean and Jerk with 170kg. With his Total of 307kg – he won the Gold with 16kg more than last year’s winner PAK Jong Ju (PRK).

MENG Cheng (CHN), Junior World Champion last year in the 56kg ended behind PAK. Moving up this year, had only 2 successful attempts – last one in the Snatch (130kg) and last one in the Clean and Jerk (154kg).

SUKCHAROEN Thunya (THA) “Winning the battle is double satisfaction”

– How do you feel about winning the champion’s title?
I’m full of energy, very glad and happy.

– On the first day, another Thai weightlifter celebrated his VICTORY, today it’s you. Is Tbilisi is lucky city for Thailand?
You are right, I’m proud that I and my compatriot presented our country such a good performance.

– You have won gold in a pretty tense battle…
The two Chinese weightlifters were serious competitors, winning the gold in such tense battle is double satisfaction.

– Was this result your private record?
Yes, I improved my best result with 2kg.

– What do you think about the organization of the championships?
The organization is wonderful, local people are amazing, overall we are very pleased.


– Congratulations on winning the Gold. You took an advantage of 16kg over the silver medallist. Were you expecting such a great result?
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this, but I was concentrated and did my best and I am happy that it was enough to win the gold medal.

– What do you think about your opponents?
Opponents were very strong, but I always work hard on myself.  I am glad that my hard work was appreciated and I won the gold.

 Your Total was 307kg. Is it your best result?
Yes, it’s my own record and I am happy that it helped me to win the first place today.

 You were so near to world record. Why didn’t you give it a try?
Today I wasn’t ready for this, but I hope in several years I will be able to beat the world record.

– Wish you success in your career. Are you satisfied with the competition and Tbilisi?

I like being here very much, the atmosphere which is present in your city is great. I thank the Georgian Weightlifting Federation for organizing such a great competition.