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IWF Congress

The IWF Congress in Tbilisi, GEO was held in presence of 120 delegates representing 48 Member Federations.

After receiving a detailed report on Anti-Doping related matters, the Congress delegates expressed their support to the strong stance of the IWF Executive Board in this field.

Burundi was ratified as 192nd IWF Member Federation by the IWF Congress.

Pedro Meloni, Rio 2016 Weightlifting Sport Manager reported on good progress and advanced stage of preparation in weightlifting at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and assured the Congress delegates that the weightlifting competitions will not be affected by budget cuts or the reduction of the level of services.

Rio 2016 will deliver weightlifting competitions according to the IWF TCRR while reforming the external perception of the “look and feel” experience, broadcasting and sports presentation.

The Congress approved the Financial Statement of 2015 presented by the IWF Financial Advisor and the 2016 Budget as well as the Auditor’s Report for the year 2015 presented by KPMG.

The IWF Congress endorsed the 8th bodyweight category for Women.

The 2016 IWF Junior World Championships Tbilisi, GEO will kick off tomorrow. According to the Start Book, 250 athletes from 47 countries (110 Woman from 36 countries – 140 Man from 39 countries) will participate.

It is the 1st time ever that Technical Officials’ groupings at a World Championships are reaching a 50% male and 50% female representation. Importantly, the message weightlifting wants to convey is that for Youth and Junior World Championships we want to see younger Technical Officials being nominated.