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IWF Committee meetings in Tbilisi

The IWF Committees had their joint meeting prior to splitting into their relevant groups in order to address the matters of common interest.

The following topics were raised:

Good Governance

As discussed and accepted by the ASOIF at its General Assembly, the key governance principles and basic indicators were endorsed by the IWF Committees in their activities and decision making

IWF Guidelines

The full set of the recently elaborated guidelines package was introduced to the attendance

8th Women bodyweight category

According to the IOC Agenda 2020, the IWF is fully committed to reach gender equality by introducing an additional bodyweight category for women in order to achieve 8 for Women that would equal the 8 already existing for Men

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee led by Chairman Sam Coffa had an extensive discussion with regard to the modification of the IWF TCRR.

The technical and procedural requirements for the video replay technology were summarized in order to proceed to the next stage looking for possible solutions and service providers.

Coaching and Research Committee

The Chairman, Major General Intarat Yodbangtoey and Members finalized the IWF Club Coach Course and discussed the conditions that apply. Duration of the course, participation fee, certification process as well as other details were established. All relating information will be published on the IWF website.

Invited guest, Colin Buckley, Chairman of the EWF Coaching Research and Scientific Committee introduced their program under the guidance and leadership of the IWF CRC.

Tadamasa Uesaka presented the Force Plate Platform and Bar Speed Analyzer and asked for the thoughts, opinions and evaluation of the CRC members.

Medical Committee

The IWF Medical Committee conducted a most fruitful meeting. The Chairman, Dr. Michael Irani and the MC Members among many other issues discussed the Transgender Policy of the International Olympic Committee focusing on weightlifting specific aspects, thus creating the basis for the IWF’s own Policy.

Following that, Dr. Dominik Doerr gave a thorough presentation about weightlifting injuries during 2015 and a scientific report proving that the so called athletic heart syndrome does not and is unlikely to threaten weightlifters.

With regard to the upcoming Olympic Games, the MC examined again the IOC Medical Policy and emphasized the importance to comply with the rules set out by it.

Possible modifications of the IWF TCRR based on medical aspects and strategies to communicate the IWF Needle Policy towards Member Federations were discussed as well.