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IWF statement on the reanalyzes

The IWF has been notified by the IOC regarding presumed Adverse Analytical Findings and Adverse Analytical Findings that resulted from the retesting of the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympic Games samples that also involves medal winners.

The IWF closely cooperated with the IOC in the overall retesting procedure.

As for Beijing, the results are qualified as presumed Adverse Analytical Findings, meaning that further analyses are currently done on the B samples. Should results be confirmed after these tests, IOC informs the IWF of the presence of Adverse Analytical Findings. The IWF was notified about 10 presumed Adverse Analytical Findings from 2008 Beijing.

As for 2012 London, the procedure was slightly different from the one in Beijing and the IOC has informed IWF of the presence of 10 Adverse Analytical Findings.

The IWF will follow the obligatory procedure set by its Anti-Doping Policy and by the WADA Code and proceed to the provisional suspension of the athletes as soon as the IOC procedures concluded.

This provisional suspension will be introduced on the IWF website according to IWF Public Disclosure Policy.

No further comments will be provided until the final decisions are pronounced.