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IWF Anti-Doping Seminar in Tashkent

Under the framework of the IWF Development Program an IWF Anti-Doping Seminar was held in cooperation with the Asian Weightlifting Federation on the occasion of the Asian Continental Qualification Event in Tashkent. The Seminar was a great success, with more than 90 participants from 30 Asian Member Federations.

The Anti-Doping Education is one of the top priorities of the IWF and the Anti-Doping Commission thus wishes to ensure the protection of the clean athletes on their road to Rio!

The IWF Anti-Doping Commission Chairman Dr Patrick Schamasch gave a through explanation about the overall anti-doping system and called upon all the athletes and coaches to fulfil their responsibilities.

The IWF will continue its committed fight against doping and will do its best to spread awareness of rights and obligations connected to anti-doping along with the latest news and developments.

Let’s lift CLEAN and JERK!