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Pan American Federation Electoral Congress

The Pan American Weightlifting Federation (PAWF) held its Electoral Congress successfully in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on 26 February 2016. Besides the delegates from 22 Pan American member federations, the Dominican Republic Olympic Committee Secretary General Antonio Acosta, the IWF President Dr. Tamás Aján, the General Secretary Wenguang Ma, the Vice President Sam Coffa as well as 5 Executive Board Members and several international guests also participated in the Congress.

The Congress was named “Congreso Eleccionario Santo Domingo 2016 in Memoriam Eddie Suarez” – Eddie Suarez Rojas, the son of the previous PAWF General Secretary Eddie Suarez who was tragically died last year also attended and made an emotional speech while receiving the PWF recognition on behalf of his late father.

Following the various reports of PAWF, the election concluded with success.

Willian Ozuna was the sole candidate for the PAWF President position. He was unanimously reelected and showed a strong leadership for the PAWF’s tight unity. Rafael Pacho (CUB) was elected as General Secretary among 3 candidates running for the position. Ana Camacho (COL) set a historical milestone as she is the first ever female on the PAWF Board – she was elected as a Vice President.

The new PAWF Executive Board Members are:

Willian OZUNA (DOM) – President
Rafael PACHO (CUB) – General Secretary
Ana CAMACHO (COL) – Vice President
Kyle PIERCE (USA) – Vice President
Andres VARGAS (PUR) – Vice President
Fernando ESQUIVEL (CRC) – Member
Miguel NINO (NCA) – Member
Luis ZAMBRANO (ECU) – Member
HARTHEY Cristian (CHI) – Treasurer

Elected Committee members are:

Gustavo MALGOR (ARG) – Technical Committee
Maritza ORTIZ (DOM) – Technical Committee
Hugo THEMEN (ARU) – Technical Committee
Carlos CUERVO (CUB) – Coaching and Research Committee
David MONTERO (BRA) – Coaching and Research Committee
Dr. Rafael ROMERO (ESA) – Medical Committee
Dr. Roxanna VARGAS (DOM) – Medical Committee
Dr. Mark LAVALLEE (USA) – Medical Committee

Congratulations to all the elected officials!

(by Reiko Chinen)