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Double Olympic Champion Leonid Zhabotinsky dies at 78

Ruslan Zhabotinsky, the son devoted to preserving and fostering his great Father’s heritage announced the death of two-times Olympic Champion weightlifter (+90kg, 1964 Tokyo and 1968 Mexico City) Leonid Zhabotinsky. The Ukrainian giant, 4-times World Champion and holder of 19 world records, was rightly called in his time “The Strongest Man of the World” when he collected all the precious titles – then for the USSR – in the superheavyweight category. A role model to the young, he was not only talented but also a hard worker that enabled him to reach the peak of any weightlifter’s career twice.

His memorial service will be held at the Leonid Zhabotinsky Weightlifting Sports School in his hometown Zaporozhye, Ukraine, on 16th January 2016.