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IWF Anti-Doping Commission Houston wrap-up

All the Weightlifting World had their eyes on Houston during the World Championships and although the competitions are finished and the lights went out on the platform, the hard work and the fight are not over…for the IWF Anti-Doping Commission (ADC).

It was a great World Championship with about 600 athletes and we saw amazing performances. The IWF established a very strict anti-doping program for the 2015 Houston World Championships in order to protect the clean athletes and up to now the laboratories have reported 24 Adverse Analytical Findings from the more than 200 tests carried out.

During the elaboration of the Test Distribution Plan of the event, the IWF Anti-Doping Commission carefully analysed the athletes’ profiles based on its extended intelligence network and conducted more target testing than ever before.

The targets were based on multiple criteria and the test allocation included the information received from other anti-doping organisations.

It must also be emphasized that one of the cornerstones of the IWF’s strict Anti-Doping Program is to use the most competent and best-equipped WADA-accredited laboratories.

The analysis of the long term metabolites allows the laboratories and the ADC to detect even the smallest amount of the prohibited substances in the athlete’s body.

The testing was conducted in compliance with the WADA Technical Document for Sport Specific Analysis and resulted in two Adverse Analytical Findings of the group S2. PEPTIDE HORMONES, GROWTH FACTORS, RELATED SUBSTANCES AND MIMETICS. The new findings are clear proof how accurate the IWF Anti-Doping Program is. Growth hormone detection is quite new in the field of anti-doping and IWF praises the Montreal Laboratory for its excellent work.

The relevant Public Disclosures can be found on the IWF website under Anti-Doping news and following the disclosures no further comments are made until the cases are closed.

Naturally, the multiple Adverse Analytical Findings will attract increased media attention but the enormous work behind these findings must also be highlighted!! These AAFs are the clear proof how effective the anti-doping fight in our sport is.

The IWF is determined to continue its highly strict program and won’t give up the fight for the honour of the clean athletes.

The motto remains: Do it well and let it know!