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EWF Scientific Seminar supported by the IWF Development Program

On December 16th at the Italian Olympic Training Centre, EWF opened the European Scientific Seminar supported by the IWD Development Program / CF Contribution. 70 participants representing from 35 countries attended the seminar. The Seminar was officially opened by the President of the Italian Olympic Committee Dr. Giovanni Malagò who welcomed all participants saying to be honoured to host a scientific seminar of such high scientific value.

EWF President Urso, in his opening remarks highlighted that the comparison with the science of training, because its represent a complexity process, requires the comparison and verification of how coaching and training can be interpreted in the light of new scientific discovery.

Presentations included details from the Chinese, the German and Russian schools of Weightlifting.

Topics Organization, selection of talent, training for young an top level athlete.

Presenters: China – Mr Qian Guangjian . Germany – Mr Frank Mantek . Russia – Mr Beliaev Vasilii

The International Weightlifting Federation was represented by Dr. Magdolna Trombitás, Legal Counsel and Timea Horvath, Assistant both giving lectures about their related fields: Anti-Doping and Development.

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