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IWF Committee Meetings in Houston

After the joint meeting, all 3 IWF Committees held their meeting prior to the 2015 IWF World Championships Houston, USA to kick off on 20 November.

IWF Technical Committee

Update reports were given on the Electronic Change of Call, the IWF Technical and Information System and TV Graphics recent developments.

Set of technical Guidelines were discussed and agreed.

The Committee further discussed the requirements of the Video Replay System including a presentation of a basic system.

Concepts of Member Federations’ ranking were presented and discussed.

A serious consideration was given to the proposed modification of Technical and Competition Rules and Regulations.

IWF Medical Committee

The IWF Medical Committee discussed the activity of the Continental Federation’s Medical Committees and agreed to ask a list of the members and the minutes of their meetings. The Chairwoman of the Asian Weightlifting Federation – Dr. Seza H. Tchobanian made a report to the Committee.

The MC designated a liaison for the coordination of the MENUS in IWF Events to assure that the athletes are receiving the best menu possible.

The members agreed that there is no athletic heart in weightlifting and decided on further research topics including the examination of other sport disciplines and its medical dangers. The MC is working on proposals for the TCRR modifications and elaborating a Consensus Statement on Training the Elite Child Athlete with the Coaching and Research Committee.

IWF Coaching Research Committee

The Coaching and Research Committee focused on the Manuals of the different levels. The National Level Coach Manual and the Club Coach Manual are complete and will be soon available in several languages, because of the new IWF logo the redesign of the Manuals is in process. The CRC discussed the Top Coach Level Manual’s content. During the meeting some topics emerged that need to liaise with the Athletes’ Commission and Women’s Commission.