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Continental statistics

With less than 1 year to go to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, results reached at weightlifting calendar events and especially Continental competitions can bring us some interesting statistics.

The 5 Continental Championships / Games held in 2015 were as follows:

European Championships Tbilisi, GEO
Oceanian Championships Port Moresby, PNG
Pan-American Games Toronto, CAN
Asian Championships Phuket, THA
African Games Brazzaville, CGO

The first statistical chart compiles the points given to the best 6 Total places from each continent by bodyweight categories.

Making a theoretical attribution of points, the second chart is a potential ranking allowing the countries to have an insight in what their current results worth on a continental level.

The third chart presents the potential ranking by countries following the same structure.

The point structure attribution is as follows:

1st place 7 points
2nd place 5 points
3rd place 4 points
4th place 3 points
5th place 2 points
6th place 1 point

At the end you can find a combined ranking list in each bodyweight category including the best 6 from each Continental competition.