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First World Record attempt by LIAO Hui at the Grand Prix

Chinese women won all two bodyweight categories on the second competition day.

Women’s 58kg

LI Ping (CHN) missed a couple of years in international competitions won the Snatch with 102kg, the Clean and Jerk with 128kg. The several times World and Asian Champion ended with 230kg on the first place of the podium here in Fuzhou.

Ending on exactly the same weights – 102kg, 128kg and 230kg – her compatriot CHAI Lina (CHN) had a higher bodyweight and therefore could only took over the Silver Medal.

The Bronze Medal and the Prize Money of 3000 USD went to DAENGSRI Nawaporn (THA) Youth World Champion in 2015. She ended with a Total of 206kg – far from the 2 leaders.

Women’s 63kg

CHEN Guiming (CHN) had only 3 successful attempts – 1 in the Snatch and 2 in the Clean and Jerk – but still made with first place with a good advantage of 15kg. Afro-Asian Champion in 2014, she had only one good Snatch with 100kg, she was 1kg behind KHLESTKINA Natalia (RUS) who in the Clean and Jerk was far behind CHEN.

KHLESTKINA attempted the 130kg Clean and Jerk, but this 11kg raise seemed too heavy. The Kazakh SADUAKASSOVA Saule (KAZ) closed the podium with 208kg and a Bronze Medal.

The ultimate category to watch was the Men’s 77kg where a long standing World Record almost broke. With LIAO Hui moving up from his original 69kg bodyweight, we expected lifts never seen before and we were not disappointed.

Men’s 69kg

ZHANG Jie (CHN) World Champion in 2011 and several times Asian Champion ended the Snatch with 145kg followed by KIM Alexandr from Kazakhstan with 141kg. With 140kg, and being third only by bodyweight, the Russian PETROV Sergey was 6kg away from his European Championships Snatch of 146kg.

With two missed attempts in the Clean and Jerk, ZHANG registered a successful lift at 170kg and with his Total of 315kg, he was victorious getting the Gold Medal.

In the Clean and Jerk, it was PETROV’s time to get back the 1kg advantage over KIM and ending with the same Total of 308kg, the lighter Russian won over the Kazakh.

The Total Result of the Gold Medal winner LIAO at the 2014 IWF World Championships in Almaty was 44kg’s away at 359kg.

Men’s 77kg

Starting at 160kg in the Snatch and missing his first lift, LIAO Hui ended the Snatch 4kg above his own World Record achieved in the 69kg bodyweight category. His jump from 160kg to 170kg was a risky one, but he controlled the weight perfectly and got a serious advantage.

At a bodyweight of 73,72kg, he Clean and Jerked 190kg, enough to secure for him the victory, and also to have 2 more attempts to try to break the World Records in both Clean and Jerk and Total.

The 2001 Clean and Jerk Record of PEREPETCHENOV is a long standing one, and was attempted by many – like at the IWF World Championships in Paris where both LU Xiaojun (CHN) and SA Jaehyouk (KOR) failed breaking it.

LIAO also couldn’t make it, even if during his first attempt, he managed to Clean the 211kg. Winning the 77kg bodyweight category with a Total of 360kg, he finished before second place winner PAVLOV Kirill (KAZ) ending with 350kg. PAVLOV won the Bronze Medal at the 2014 IWF World Championships in Almaty with 352kg.

Third place was also attributed to a Kazakh lifter, KAZOV Aidar with 347kg.