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IWF Anti-Doping Seminar in Fuzhou

Prior to the 2015 IWF Grand Prix Fuzhou, CHN, the Organizing Committee together with the IWF organized an Anti-Doping Seminar for the participants of the event.

In presence of representatives from all countries competing, Dr. Patrick Schamasch, Anti-Doping Commission Chairman gave a full overview about the responsibilities of the different organizations involved in the fight against doping.

The lecture included comprehensive information about the IWF’s fight against doping, athlete’s entourage, causes and consequences of using prohibited substances as well as the importance of protecting the clean sport.

With about 35 team leader, coach, athlete participating, the spotlight was given to prevention and to the importance of education. The topic of athlete’s biological passport was also explained.

A question and answer session concluded the lecture, and Dr. Schamash was happy to give broader views about questions of common interest like roles and responsibilities as well as rights.