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New Japan Weightlifting Association Executive Board for next two years

The General Assembly of the Japan Weightlifting Association (JWA) was held on 20 June and the President, H.E. Yuriko Koike, Member of the House of Representatives of Japan and former Minister of Defense and Minister of Environment, was unanimously approved to take her second term.

Mr. Yoshiyuki Miyake, the Bronze Medalist of 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games, continues as one of the three Vice Presidents.

Mr. Minoru Shinomiya, actual Director General, is appointed to assume the office of General Secretary.

JWA welcomes new Director General, Mr. Yoshio Uchiyama, former diplomat who served as Consul General of Japan in Curitiba, Brasil, and worked in Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Cuba, USA, and Vietnam.

Executive Board Member Mr. Tetsuo Komiyama is chosen to be the national team head coach in view of Rio 2016.

Among the Executive Board Members, Ms. Reiko Kato Chinen (IWF TC Secretary, AWF EB member and TC Chairperson) chairs IR Committee, Ms. Tomoko Kato (AWF CRC Member), PR Cpmmittee, Dr. Kohei Nakajima (AWF MC Member), Medical Committee, and 2014 Nanjing YOG International Technical Official Mr. Jun-ichi Okada, TO Committee.

As in the previous term, JWA has 3 female EB members – President Koike, Ms. Chinen and Ms. Kato.