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Men’s 77kg – the toughest competition so far


SRISURAT Sukanya (THA) started the Snatch with 100kg, executed it with great precision, perfectly controlling the weight just as for her attempt at 103kg and 105kg. She was unstoppable all along, even though missing her third Clean and Jerk at 128kg, she gave that Gold Medal away to the Chinese lifter ZHOU Jun (CHN). ZHOU tried to catch the leading SRISURAT but her efforts were not enough as the 9kg disadvantage from the Snatch was too much for a comeback.

With 20kg less than the Gold Medallist, RIM Un Sim (PRK) stood on third place of the podium. Being also less confident in the Snatch, she missed 99kg twice, the Clean and Jerk 4th place was enough to get a medal.


Men’s 77kg was mainly about missed attempts and pass-outs. After the Snatch, several athletes didn’t came out for the Clean and Jerk, while we could witness altogether 17 no lifts.

As a surprise, MOHAMED KADHUM Karrar (IRQ) bombed out in the Snatch as he missed 148kg three times. So far we can say this was the toughest competition here at the 2015 IWF Junior World Championships Wroclaw.

Youth World Champion in 2012, the Armenian lifter KARAPETYAN Andranik missed his first two Snatch at 155kg, controlling it only at his third attempt. That was still higher than Silver Medallist MIRI Ali (IRI) who did 150kg. Third place STOIAN Doru Ilie (ROU) got only 5th in the Clean and Jerk but still maid it third in the Total 326kg.

The Iranian lifter MIRI won easily the gold in the Clean and Jerk with 332kg, and ended only 3kg behing Gold winner KARAPETYAN.

CHEPIK Roman (RUS) and MORENO TORRES Jhor Esneider (COL) got one medal each for their 180kg Clean and Jerk being the same weight 180kg (just as KARAPETYAN Andranik) – final ranking determined by bodyweight.