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MOSQUERA LOZANO Luis Javier won the Gold for Colombia


Snatching 95kg, LIU Quan (CHN) took a 9kg advantage over NGUYEN (86kg) and KOHA (85kg). While the Vietnamese and the Latvian lifters were far below in the Clean and Jerk 6th and 5th respectively, the Chinese lifter LIU continued her strong start and made it to 115kg.

PAKKARATHA Rattanaphon (THA) managed to get back on track after a 5th place Snatch lifting also 115kg and winning the Gold in the Clean and Jerk by bodyweight.

There was no question in the Total al LIU got enough advantage in the Snatch to keep her leading position.

The Egyptian lifter IBRAHIM Basma Emad Gouda Mohamed (EGY) ended the Snatch ranking 7th with 83kg and had to fight hard to get a chance to finish on the podium. With her 106kg Clean and Jerk as last attempt, she got was she came for. Training hard in the past period, she took the Bronze Medal in the Total with 189kg.

4th (VIE) and 5th (COL) place were only 1kg behind with 188kg.


The Colombian lifter MOSQUERA took a strong start in the Snatch and went up to 151kg with 3 successful attempts. He was followed closely by YUAN Chengfei (CHN) ending second by bodyweight with also 151kg as last successful lift.

Third place KWON Yong Gwang’s (PRK) first attempt at 138kg seemed too heavy, but he managed to go up till 141kg, having a 10kg drawback.

The Clean and Jerk was an easy one for MOSQUERA LOZANO Luis Javier (COL) who tried to break the long standing Clean and Jerk Junior World Record of LIAO Hui (CHN), but the 191kg weight seemed a bit heavy in the end. With his Total of 338kg, he was handed over the Gold Medal by the President of the Colombian Weightlifting Federation, Mrs. Ana Camacho.

Silver Medal winner in the Total YUAN with 329kg was followed by KWON with 312kg.