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Interview with HUANG Ting 2015 Youth World Champion

A Talent and Training Program was launched by the Chinese Weightlifting Association and Chinese Weightlifting Teams last summer where 12 athletes and 4 coaches were selected to participate. SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile co., ltd. (SGMW, Wuling & Baojun) long term-partner of Chinese Weightlifting Association and Chinese Weightlifting Teams, gave support to this great initiative promoting Youth and Junior athletes participation in weightlifting.

Athletes aged from 8 to 17 participated in a Weightlifting Summer and Training Camp.

Among them, HUANG Ting (CHN) who participated in her first International Competition on the occasion of the 2015 IWF Youth World Championships Lima, PER.

Winning the Youth World Champion title in the Women’s 63kg bodyweight category, she answered some questions:

How was your experience and what did you learned from the program?

It was an incredible experience and I learned a lot. Through this Talent Program, I became more mature than before. A real plus was also the fact that immediately after, I had the opportunity to go to train with the National Team.

I trained 3 months in the National Team, and that gave me an aim for the future. Before the Program, I had no precise idea about what will happen, but it made my future dream clear.

Were you expecting the Medals?

Two weeks ago I attended a Qualification event for the 1st Youth and Junior National Games and only ranked 11th with a big difference compared to the winner.

I kind of lost confidence, but the Sport Authorities and Team convinced me about the fact that I was still young, had talent and still a lot of time to improve!

This is the first time I participate in World Championships. I did not think much about the competition or the result, I hoped to do my best, and actually this is what happened. The result achieved here is my Personal Best! That makes me happy.

How was the experience with the National Team?

During the 3 months period with the National Team, I found life boring. Girls my age need entertainment, but I kept focus, concentrated on training and tried to discipline myself.

The next 5-12 month leading up to the Youth and Junior National Games will be about practicing and trying to get better results in order not to disappoint my coach! It is important for me to truly incorporate everything I learn in the National Team.

I hope I will be able to officially integrate the National Team as member.

The senior athletes helped you out when needed?

All of them helped a lot and gave me useful advices. The best ones were related to my technique – how to correct my moves. I believe I still have some week points where I can improve, and usually after the training we have some more time to practice the technical specificities of my Clean and Jerk.

All the National Team athletes and Coaches are very helpful and gave a lot of guidance.

Who is your favorite lifter?

LIAO Hui!!! I wish that one day I can become such a model for the youth as well as a well-known star just like him. He is successful and such a bright talent.

What do your parents think about what you do?

They are very supportive, even though they don’t know much about the sport. My mother told me “If this is what you want and what you like doing, we will support you always”.

What do you do in your free time?

I practice calligraphy! I have a special notebook for that purpose.

Any plans for the future?

I wouldn’t think too much about it. It is better to keep the dream deep in my heart and follow step by step. But of course I would love to step on the podium of the Olympic Games one day.