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The IWF is pleased to announce that following the latest hearing session of the IWF Hearing Panel all the doping cases from the 2014 World Championships have been closed.

In line with the relevant Articles of the IWF Anti-Doping Policy the Athletes’ results have been modified in the IWF website.

The medal reallocation procedures will take place accordingly.

After a careful consideration the IWF Hearing Panel has decided that no suspension shall be applied in the case of Ms. Jong Hwa Ri. However in line with Article 9 of the Code and IWF Anti-Doping Policy the Panel had no choice but to the disqualify her results from the 2014 World Championships. The Athlete is eligible to compete and shall be treated accordingly.

In line with the new era of the anti-doping fight the IWF Hearing Panel imposed sanction also on an Athlete Support Personnel. Due to the basic principle of mutual recognition any decision of the IWF regarding the violation of the Anti-Doping Policy shall be recognized by all Member Federations, which shall take all necessary action to render such decision effective.

The new IWF Anti-Doping Policy enables the IWF to be more flexible on the sanctioning and it is designed to better protect the rights of clean athletes meanwhile contain tougher regulations for those who intentionally cheat.