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1 Gold for Thailand and 2 for China

Women 58kg

The podium of the Women’s 58kg bodyweight category was an easy one. DAENGSRI Nawaporn from Thailand took sufficient advantage immediately in the Snatch to make an easy win. With 91/116/207, she had no challenger.

Second was to be decided between SANCHEZ FERRER Alba (ESP) and AULBEK Aigerim (KAZ).

The Spanish lifter was stronger in the Snatch but only by 1kg while the Kazakh lifter took that advantage back in the Clean and Jerk. Both of them ended with a Total of 192kg, but AULBEK won the Silver due to lighter bodyweight.

Men 69kg

China is holding its territory in the Men’s 69kg. In the footsteps of reigning Chinese World Champion LIAO Hui, the Youth World Championships title stays in China as LIU Weijian (CHN) showed impressive strength in this bodyweight category. With a 140kg Snatch – topping all competitors by at least 15kg, he reached 160 in the Clean and Jerk – winning the Total with a strong 300kg.

Silver Medallist in the Snatch and Bronze in the Clean and Jerk, SUHAREVS Ritvars (LAT) was followed by third place TERRONES MIRANDA Oscar Adrian (PER) in the Total with 278. The Peruvian athlete had only 1 successful attempt in the Snatch and finished 4th, but came back to the podium for a Silver in the Clean and Jerk.

Women 63kg

Competition started to be close after the Snatch between the Chinese HUANG Ting and the Egyptian AHMED Esraa Elsayed Rashed Elsayed. Both had 3 good attempts in the Snatch and were separated by 1kg in favor of HUANG.

The Egyptian lifter tried to follow the leading HUANG Ting, but 116kg in the Clean and Jerk was too much to bear. HUANG Ting (CHN) with 6 good lifts and a Total of 219kg win with ease and confidence.

Third place was awarded to SHEVKOPLYAS Alona (UKR) for her 87kg Snatch, 106kg Clean and Jerk and 193kg Total.