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2nd Youth World Champion in the MOSQUERA LOSANO Family

Men 56kg

We finally saw the 1st Youth World Record attempt of the 2015 IWF Youth World Championships by LIN Zhixiang (CHN). Missing his 156kg Clean and Jerk, he couldn’t overcome MENG Cheng’s existing one at 155kg.

He however won the gold in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk with 1kg each time – and in the Total with 262kg.

NGUYEN Tran Anh Tuan (VIE) ended with 260kg, and 3 Silver Medalls lifting 30kg more than 3rd place LOPEZ CARRANZA Brandy (PER). The Peruvian lifter won as only medal a Bronze in the Total! Being an impressive victory, as he ranked 10th after the Snatch and 4th in the Clean and Jerk. Second medal for Peru in the competition.

DERU Jamjang (IND) had no successful Snatch, but ended third in the Clean and Jerk.

Women 53kg

The Women’s 53kg bodyweight category staged the competition between the Chinese LI Yan and the Latvian KOHA Rebeka. Very close to each other, KOHA won the Snatch by 1kg, while LI managed to Clean and Jerk 2kg more, giving her the lead and the victory. Ecuador won its first medal being Bronze – TAPUY GREFA Monica Joahana stood on the third place three times, for the Snatch, the Clean and Jerk and for the Total as well.

Men 62kg

Seems like talent is undeniable in the MOSQUERA LOSANO family. Luis Javier, Youth World Champion in 2012 now gave his place to his younger brother Jose David.

With an impressive Total of 273kg, which is 10kg less than the 2012 result of Luis Javier; Jose David dominated the Men’s 62kg. Interesting to see that the two brothers are competing in the same bodyweight category as well… Maybe we’ll experience some interesting competitions with both of them fighting for the same medal.

Second place went to ZURITA VALLEJO Cristian David (ECU) by bodyweight against KUDLASZYK Piotr Mateusz (POL) ending both with 251kg.