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Executive Board Allocated future World Championships

The IWF Executive Board held a 2 days meeting in Lima Peru prior to the 2015 IWF Youth World Championships to kick off on 8 April 2015.

A lot of attention was devoted to the IWF Development Program and an updated policy was approved for the contributions granted to the Continental Federations.

Beside the reports of the 3 Committees and Continental Federations, the Executive Board received and approved a detailed report of the Anti-Doping Commission on related matters. The EB reconfirmed the necessity of investigation into the entourage of the athletes and their eventual sanctioning.

As a major step in the field of Marketing, the Executive Board appointed a new Marketing Commission Chairman, Zhanat Tussupbekov, President of the Kazakh Weightlifting Federation and approved a new partnership project.

A yearly summary highlighting media presence and press activities was presented to the Executive Board underlining the involvement of continents in the press publication. An updated report on LIFT THE WORLD – the IWF Documentary on the sport was presented with feedback from viewers. The documentary now reached a viewership of over 100.000. in only a couple of days.

Sport for All in the “weightlifting for all” area of activities is looking to an upgrade whereby General Secretary Ma Wenguang assumed the additional responsibility to coordinate.

Answering the call of the Olympic Agenda 2020, the IWF is open-mindedly exploring new opportunities for the sport including new types of events and participation in various Games.

IBIS and IF Shared Data Platform was introduced to the members.

The Board approved the Financial Statement of 2014 presented by the IWF Financial Advisor and an update of the 2015 Budget.

Most importantly, the Executive Board allocated future World Championships with presenting the candidature procedure.

Candidates for 2017 IWF Youth World Championships were: Argentina, Peru, Thailand, United States of America

Candidates for the 2017 IWF Junior World Championships were: Albania, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Peru, Nepal, Japan,

The IWF Executive Board selected 2017 IWF Youth World Championships to Bangkok, Thailand and the 2017 IWF Junior World Championships to Tokyo, Japan after evaluation of all bids received from candidates.

Updates were given regarding upcoming events such as: the 2015 IWF Junior World Championships Wroclaw, POL and 2015 IWF World Championships Houston, USA and detailed information about Rio 2016 was given by Pedro Meloni, Weightlifting Sport Manager.