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IWF Committee Meetings in Lima

After the joint meeting, all 3 IWF Committees held their meeting prior to the 2015 IWF Youth World Championships Lima, PER to kick off on 6 April.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee took 1 minute of silence in memory of Mr. Mahmoud Shoukry, TC Member who tragically passed away.

Topics raised during the meeting were as follows:

  • Review of the TCRR
  • Based on the feedback received on the implementation of the ITO Policy, few amendments were approved by the TC and the Policy will be proposed to the Continental Federations to follow.
  • Consider deleting the bodyweight advantage in competition
  • Electronic Change Of Call (ECOC) equipment presented and tested by TC and CRC members in operation for the first time

Medical Committee

The IWF Medical Committee unanimously approved the Medical Manual which shall be applied by all IWF Event Organizers.

During its meeting the members discussed the latest sport specific medical topics (e.g Gender Change Policies) and agreed to elaborate a research project on the Athletic Heart screening.

Members came to the understanding to put special attention to the education in the future and made a specific working plan until the next session.

Coaching and Research Committee

The CRC focused on the Coaching Education Program just launched in Bratislava, Slovakia in March and to be developed and continued in the near future. A detailed report will be submitted to the Executive Board including some questions and issues to be discussed and confirmed.

The Committee agreed to avoid using the numbers in indicating the certain levels of the coaching education and defined the following categories:

  • Club coach (Basic level)
  • National Coach (intermediate level)
  • International Coach (highest level)

The role of Internet and technology has been emphasized and will be used in IWF Coaching Education Program.