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Japanese weightlifters participating in the LSUS Camp for the 7th time

The Japanese university student weightlifting team went to Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS) for a 3 weeks training camp.

This camp has become a tradition now, as it is organized for the seventh year in a row.

Japanese athletes spent the morning in English classes as a second language class.

Educational lectures were also presented by Dr. Kyle Pierce, IWF CRC Member and The Graduate Assistants of the Louisiana State University.

The lectures given included topics such as sports science, anti-doping, and Olympism.

Training was held in the afternoon while nights and weekends included social and cultural activities.

Three coaches from Japan: Junichi OKADA, Fumiko Jonai and Tomoko KATO participated in the camp. The Graduate Assistant Coach for the LSU Shreveport Club is Seiichiro Takei. He came over with the first group seven years ago and is now working on his Master’s Degree at LSU Shreveport. He became a good role model for Japanese students.

A mini friendly competition was also organized on February 21th in which seven Japanese students and seven American students including Kendrick J. Farris participated.

Source: Tomoko Kato (JPN)