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AWF Extraordinary Executive Board Meeting in Bangkok

6-7 March 2015 Bangkok, Thailand

Mr. Mohamed Yousef Al Mana thanked TAWA and especially Mrs. Boossaba Yodbantoey AWF 1st Vice President for hosting the second AWF Executive Board meeting after the elections.

AWF Executive Board Members were received by Assoc. Prof Chavanee Tongroach, Vice Minister of Tourism and Sports in the building of Thai Sports Authorities.

When the meeting begun, Members took 1 minute of silence in the memory of our lost friend and colleague Mr. Mahmoud Shoukry (EGY).

A proposal to modify the AWF logo was presented to the Executive Board. The new logo of the Asian Weightlifting Federation proposed by Mrs. Reiko Kato Chinen was unanimously approved. As it is the first design that follows the logo of the IWF, the new proposal will be sent out to the IWF for approval before being launched.

Modification of the AWF Constitution was approved taking into consideration all Asian countries and aims to harmonization with the IWF constitution. The Constitution will now be sent out to AWF Member Federations and to the IWF for approval.

The estimate Budget for 2015 was presented by the AWF President alongside with the Expenditures for 2015. Both were approved by the Executive Board.

KPMG was designated to proceed to the audit of the AWF.

Asian Cup/Interclubs will be held together with the senior Asian Championships unless it is an Olympic Qualification event, in which case it has to be hosted separately – this case Cup/Interclubs won’t be included.

Members were proposed by Asian countries for various AWF commissions, and approved by the constitution was approved by AWF Executive Board.

Presentation was given by Jordan and Nepal, organizers of upcoming Asian Events.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan will organize the Asian Continental Qualification Event in 2016. Japan will organize Asian Youth and Junior Championships.

This meeting set the new vision and mission of the Asian Continent as well as the strategy to implement for the future. Strong bases underlining the cooperation with the IWF were established.

The IWF was represented by Lilla Rozgonyi, IWF Communication and Marketing Director, Coordinator for Asia.